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Rear Center Storage Box with Tray for Tesla Model Y

Rear Center Storage Box with Tray for Tesla Model Y

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Compatibility: Tesla Model Y

Description: Maximize storage and organization in your Tesla Model Y's rear row with our Rear Center Storage Box featuring a convenient tray. This cleverly designed box fits neatly on the floor ahead of the center seat, providing additional storage space for your Tesla. The included tray adds versatility, allowing you to keep smaller items easily accessible. Whether it's snacks, gadgets, or personal items, this storage solution enhances the functionality and tidiness of your Tesla's rear cabin.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Placement: Fits perfectly on the floor ahead of the center seat, utilizing otherwise unused space.

  • Integrated Tray: The included tray on top provides a dedicated spot for smaller items like keys, coins, or charging cables.

  • High-Quality Build: Constructed from durable materials to withstand daily use and keep your items secure.

  • Easy Installation: No tools or complex installation required; simply place it in position.


  1. Is this Rear Center Storage Box compatible with other Tesla models? This storage box is designed specifically for Tesla Model Y and may not fit other Tesla models.

  2. Can I remove the tray if needed? Yes, the tray is removable, allowing you to use the storage box with or without it based on your preferences.

  3. Is it easy to clean the storage box and tray? Cleaning is straightforward; you can wipe both the box and tray clean with a damp cloth as needed.

  4. What are some common items people store in this box? Tesla owners often use it to store items like umbrellas, charging adapters, snacks, and small electronic devices.

Optimize your Tesla Model Y's rear cabin space with our Rear Center Storage Box with Tray. Keep your essentials organized and within reach while maintaining a tidy and functional rear seating area. Upgrade your Tesla today!

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