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Underseat Organizer Tray (Flocked) for Tesla Model Y

Underseat Organizer Tray (Flocked) for Tesla Model Y

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Compatibility: Tesla Model Y

Description: Enhance the storage capacity and organization of your Tesla Model Y with our Underseat Organizer Tray. Designed to fit seamlessly under the driver's seat, this tray provides a practical solution for keeping your essentials close at hand while maintaining a clutter-free interior. Store items like charging cables, documents, sunglasses, or any small accessories you need within easy reach. Elevate your Tesla's interior functionality with this convenient and discreet accessory.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Fit: Custom-designed to fit under the driver's seat of your Tesla Model Y, maximizing storage space.

  • Flocked Surface: The tray features a soft flocked surface that prevents items from sliding around and minimizes noise.

  • Easy Installation: No tools or complex installation required; simply slide it under the seat, and it's ready to use.

  • Durable Build: Constructed from high-quality materials for long-lasting durability and reliability.


  1. Is this Underseat Organizer Tray compatible with other Tesla models? This tray is specifically designed for Tesla Model Y and may not fit other Tesla models due to differences in seat configurations.

  2. How deep is the tray? The tray offers ample depth to store various small items, and its dimensions are optimized to fit comfortably under the seat.

  3. Can I remove the tray easily if needed? Yes, you can easily slide the tray in and out from under the seat as required.

  4. What are some common items people store in this organizer tray? Customers often use it for storing charging cables, sunglasses, wallets, cell phones, and other small items they want to keep organized and readily accessible.

Upgrade your Tesla Model Y's interior organization with our Underseat Organizer Tray. Keep your essentials neatly stored and easily accessible, making every drive more convenient. Elevate your Tesla experience today!

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