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ملصق خلفي أسود باسم "dual motor" يزيل لمعان الطلاء الكرومي لسيارة من نوع تيسلا الطراز (S/3/X/Y)

ملصق خلفي أسود باسم "dual motor" يزيل لمعان الطلاء الكرومي لسيارة من نوع تيسلا الطراز (S/3/X/Y)

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Compatibility: Tesla Model S/3/X/Y

Description: Elevate the style of your Tesla with our Matte Black Dual Motor Chrome Delete Sticker. This 3D letter emblem sticker boldly displays the words "Dual Motor" in a sleek matte black finish, enhancing the performance look of your electric vehicle.

This sticker is a perfect addition for Tesla owners who appreciate the aesthetics of a chrome delete design. It offers an easy and cost-effective way to achieve that sought-after blackout appearance. The sticker is designed for a hassle-free installation, thanks to its strong adhesive backing.

To apply the sticker, simply remove your Tesla's existing lettering carefully and replace it with this matte black alternative. The result is a distinctive and eye-catching addition to your Tesla's exterior that sets it apart from the rest.

Key Features:

  • Matte Black Elegance: Enhance the look of your Tesla with a matte black finish that complements its performance image.

  • 3D Lettering: The "Dual Motor" lettering adds depth and dimension for a standout appearance.

  • Chrome Delete Aesthetics: Achieve the popular chrome delete look without the need for complex modifications.

  • Simple Installation: Strong adhesive backing ensures easy and secure installation.


  1. Is this sticker durable and weather-resistant? Yes, this sticker is designed to withstand various weather conditions and maintain its finish.

  2. Can I remove this sticker without damaging the car's paint or finish? Yes, you can remove the sticker without causing damage to the vehicle's exterior.

  3. Is any special equipment or tools needed for installation? No, this sticker can be installed easily without any specialized tools.

  4. Can I reposition the sticker during installation if needed? While it's recommended to apply the sticker accurately the first time, you can make adjustments during installation if necessary.

Achieve the chrome delete look with ease using our Matte Black Dual Motor Chrome Delete Sticker. Elevate your Tesla's aesthetics and make a statement on the road.

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