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Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Bumper With Brake Lights for Tesla Model 3

Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Bumper With Brake Lights for Tesla Model 3

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Compatibility: Tesla Model 3

Description: Upgrade your Tesla Model 3's aesthetics and functionality with our Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Bumper, featuring integrated brake lights for added style. Crafted to perfection, this accessory is designed to enhance your Model 3's rear end with a touch of sportiness and elegance. Available in two exquisite finishes, Matte Carbon Fiber and Glossy Carbon Fiber, it's the perfect addition for those looking to make a statement on the road. Elevate your Tesla's appearance while ensuring visibility and safety in any driving condition.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Brake Lights: The diffuser includes built-in brake lights to enhance style and safety on the road.

  • Premium Carbon Fiber: Expertly crafted from high-quality ABS carbon fiber material for its lightweight and durable properties.

  • Finish Options: Choose between the subtle sophistication of Matte Carbon Fiber or the high-gloss allure of Glossy Carbon Fiber.

  • Enhanced Style: Gives your Model 3 a sportier and more aggressive appearance, making it stand out from the crowd.


  1. Is this Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Bumper compatible with other Tesla models? This diffuser is designed exclusively for Tesla Model 3 and may not fit other Tesla models due to differences in rear bumper design.

  2. How are the brake lights powered and activated? The brake lights are powered and activated through the vehicle's existing electrical system, just like the factory-installed lights.

  3. Is professional installation required for this accessory? While installation is relatively straightforward, we recommend professional installation to ensure a perfect fit and proper wiring.

  4. Can the diffuser be easily removed if needed? Yes, it can be removed, but doing so may require some time and effort as it's designed to be a permanent or semi-permanent addition to your vehicle.

Enhance your Tesla Model 3's style and safety with our Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Bumper. Choose your preferred finish and enjoy the benefits of improved aesthetics and increased visibility on the road. Elevate your Tesla experience today!

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