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Trunk Interior Protection Mat for Tesla Model Y

Trunk Interior Protection Mat for Tesla Model Y

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Compatibility: Tesla Model Y

Description: Protect your Tesla Model Y's trunk interior in various scenarios with our versatile Trunk Interior Protection Mat. This durable mat serves as a safeguard for your trunk space, keeping it free from scratches, spills, pet hair, and more. Whether you're transporting sports equipment, groceries, luggage, or even furry companions, this mat is your trusted companion for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your Tesla's trunk area.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Scenario Protection: Use it as a protective barrier when carrying groceries, sports gear, bicycles, or any items that could potentially damage your trunk.

  • Pet-Friendly: Ideal for pet owners, it keeps pet hair, dirt, and spills from soiling your Tesla's trunk interior.

  • Easy to Clean: Simply remove and shake out or wipe clean with a damp cloth for hassle-free maintenance.

  • Custom Fit: Tailored to fit the trunk space of your Tesla Model Y, ensuring complete coverage and a secure fit.


  1. Is this Trunk Interior Protection Mat compatible with other Tesla models? This mat is designed specifically for Tesla Model Y and may not fit other Tesla models.

  2. Can I fold or roll up the mat for storage when not in use? Yes, it's designed for easy storage; you can fold or roll it up to save space.

  3. Does the mat have any anti-slip properties to keep items in place? Yes, it has anti-slip properties and it provides a level of traction to help keep items from shifting during transport.

  4. Can I use this mat as a liner for camping or outdoor activities? Absolutely! It's versatile and can serve as a protective barrier for various outdoor activities.

Keep your Tesla Model Y's trunk interior looking pristine and well-protected with our Trunk Interior Protection Mat. From groceries to outdoor adventures to pet transportation, this mat is your solution for worry-free trunk usage. Elevate your Tesla experience today!

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